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Conference official language is English. Workshop, Slide presentation and Exhibition will be held in parallel.

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Braids of different origins are found all over the world. Japanese braiding or Kumihimo is a notable one that in addition to its beauty, exhibits incomparable 3-D structures which may be applied as a textile reinforcement for modern composite materials. In Kyoto Institute of Technology, the study of a Kumihimo braiding machine started at the '60s to support the Kyoto Kumihimo industries, and in 2005, our Future-Applied Conventional Technology Center was founded, aiming to create a future based on a new manufacturing system with the help of traditional craftsmanship. Kumihimo craftsmanship is precisely our aim. The International Conference on Kumihimo, focusing on its history, cultural background and aesthetics, will undoubtedly extend the possibilities of Kumihimo through the exchange of knowledge between researchers, craftsman and artists of the world.

Contact: S. Tada

Fax.: +81-425-933204