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Thank you for your attendance and kind undestanding for the loss due to the typhoon.
The Braids 2019 domain, both web site and e-mail addresses, will be discontinued by 2 November, while the braids 2019 web site will be moved to www.kumihimo-society.org/braids2019/ and will show you the conference photos submitted by the participants.

The first international conference on Kumihimo was held in Kyoto 2007 followed by the second and third conferences in Manchester 2012 and Tacoma 2016 expanding the scope over narrow fabrics. The conference is going back to Japan again in 2019. The Kumihimo Society is happy to host the fourth conference in Iga-city, an old Kumihimo town located in the mountainous area between Kyoto and Nagoya.
The venue is at the center of the city where all the important places are in the walking distance, and is particularly convenient for eating and drinking out together in the evening.
A notable event starting at the last day of the Braids 2019 is the Iga Tenjin Festival, an UNESCO intangible cultural heritage.
Exhibition of works for all the participants, together with those of iga Kumihimo artisans, will be displayed at the 200-year old school.
The conference would be a great opportunity for you not only to exchange knowledge with artists and researchers all over the world but to be in touch with the essence of Iga Kumihimo and the Japanese culture.
The pariticipation fees in Japanese Yen, not including materials fee at classes, accommodation and transportation cost outside of Iga-city, are as follows.
Type of cost/registration Basic Daily Bus tour Total
Including... Goodie bag, one Bilingual Proceedings, Welcome wine party, Farewel party, Special free pass for Iga castle, Ninja museum, Danjiri hall, Kumihimo center and Irimajiri house (a samurai's residence) Workshop class, Lunch, Keynote, Evening talk / Bazar, Farewel party One-day bus tour to the highlands of Iga, MIHO museum and lunch (in JPY)
Full registration 5,000 5,000 x 4 5,000 30,000
Full registration - tour 5,000 5,000 x 4 - 25,000
Half registration + tour 5,000 5,000 x 2 5,000 20,000
Half registraton 5,000 5,000 x 2 - 15,000
Accompanied person

including Welcome wine party, Farewell party, Evening talk and a Special free pass for Iga castle, Ninja museum, Danjiri hall, Kumihimo center and Irimajiri house (a samurai's residence)

5,000 15,000
The final registration has been terminated 31 August as the number of registrants reached the capacity of the classes. A simple list of the 170 registrants, 32 registered accompanied persons and 2 other accompanied persons is shown for your confirmation. If you find any difference from your record, please let us know. The registrants will be informed the results of class allocation and hotel booking by the end of September 2018. Payment methods for the conference participation fee are PayPal and cash at the confernce reception desk, while the payment to the hotel can be made directly upon your check-in. Payment for the chartered buses for Kyoto on 19th or 20th, 2000yen per person, will be requested on board.
Co-Organizing Societies
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The Kumihimo Society Iga-City Iga Cultural City Association The Braid Society American Kumihimo Society
Suporting Organizations
CATA Yoshino Gypsum Art Foundation Mie Prefecture Hamanaka Co., Ltd Dydo Drinco, Inc. SIOS Corporation
  4th International Conference on Braids, Iga : 13-18 October 2019