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  Article for the proceedings


The article should attract not only participants but also general readers and have a significance to contribute to the braiding/cord making communities.
The submission of articles for the proceedings is open for all the participants, while those by the keynote/evening lecturers and workshop tutors may be accepted without peer-review.
The workshop selection committee would judge the significance of the articles submitted by authors other than the keynote/evening lecturers and workshop tutors.
One copy of the book will be included in the conference goody bag and will become available at booksellers.
The authors need to sign up a copyright transfer agreement just for an exclusive publishing by the Kumihimo Society.

Handouts should be a practical guide just for the class prepared and distributed by the tutor in a limited number of copies same as that of the students.
Tutor may collect it back after the class if necessary.

Exhibition includes works of all the participants and invited Kumihimo groups.
Submissions of a photo by each exhibitor will be compiled in a book (not as proceedings) and distributed prior to the conference. The book will also be in the conference goody bag.


All the participants (keynote/evening lecutrers, workshop tutors and the rest of participants) Workshop tutors All the participants

Examples of 2007 Kyoto Conference (click to enlarge)

p13.jpg p15.jpg p23.jpg p75.jpg p131.jpg

How to prepare

Text should include an article title, name(s) of the author, body text, bibliography and brief contact information of the author(s). Authors' e-mail address is not necessary. The total volume of an article should be 1500 to 3000 words while greater volume may also be acceptable where necessary.

Text should be plain without style in fonts. Both figures and photos should be named as Fig. 1 and Fig. 2 ... and referred to in the body text. File format of figures (artworks) is PowerPoint, Illustrator or PDF. See below for the format of text and photo.

A page layout by the author is not necessary.

Tttle, tutor name, class code and date of distribution may be the minimum requirements, and no particular format for the page layout.

Exhibitors should submit three types of photo.
(1) Your best work with pixels greater than1900 x 1400 in landscape with grey background.
(2) Your face with pixels greater than 350 x 350.
(3) A proposed arrangement of your exhibits at Braids 2019 in a 40 x 40 cm area.
Also submit a text file of approx. 150 words explaining the technique, materials and features of the work of photo (1).
A plain text and photos should be put in a folder, compressed and sent by e-mail with a filename, e.g. "makiko.t.zip", to the conference secretary. Submitted text and photos will be subjected to editorial rearrangements and image processing by the organizer and subsequently returned to the authors for proof-reading. File formats are Note, TextEdit, Word or Page for plain text and jpeg, png, tiff, PSD or PDF for photos.The resolution of photos must be geater than 350 dpi.

Submission deadline

30 June 2019

Before the class opens

30 May 2019

Authors' proof-reading

1 to 10 September 2019
N/A 20 to 30 August 2019

Braids 2019 Iga: 13-18 October 2019