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Produced by Iga-city, Haitopia provides variety of meeting and lecture rooms from 3rd to 5th floors while the first and second floors are allocated to bakery, restaurants and shops. All the workshop classes, keynote lectures, bazaars and evening talks will be held in this building.
Haitopia is located at the center of the old town and facing the station plaza of train and highway bus. It is therefore possible for us to visit important places on foot, including the exhibition building Sukodo, Iga Ueno castle, Ninja museum and Iga-beef restaurants. The parade of Danjiri and 108 demons during the Iga Tenjin Festival will pass through the back road of Hitopia on 19 October.

Iga Ueno Castle Sukodo Danjiri of the Iga Tenjin Festival The herb garden
Braids 2019 Iga: 13-18 October 2019